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    'Ghori' is an innovative luxurious women wear designer brand which creates utterly attractive and sexy clothes that gives women a positive attitude and makes them feel beautiful and powerful in their femininity. The designs are based on traditional Eastern work on western styles with a touch of the designers personality. 'Ghori' is where east meets west in a very unique way that inspires women to feel confident and comfortable. All our products are made cautiously by highly experienced team members, i.e. handy craft people, garment technologists and dyers. We focus on the quality of fabric so that women feel more comfortable wearing it and flaunting it. The brand is all about giving women confidence and power to feel beautiful by exploring all things feminine.


    About Designer

    Azim Ghori is among those eastern born inspirations that enjoys designing unique women wear in the western part of the world adding a bit of his ethnic magic. His products transition from one vision, style and culture to quite a different outlook, design and viewpoint to accommodate all tastes. Results of inter-twining eastern and western cultures was quite startling at first but Azim has managed to produce an entirely new, unique fashion line, neither totally eastern nor totally western, but a different East-West combination in the world of fashion.

    This young Pakistan-born, London based fashion designer broke his boundaries of innovation when he introduced this new addition in fashion for people all over the world, who sometimes want neither totally eastern nor totally western designs, but a combination of both. This is exactly what he provides to a wide range of clients in Britain as well as other countries. He has managed to take the best of both east and west and has created a fusion of some spectacular designs which have never been seen before. He has stirred a round of applause in several fashion shows where these innovative designs captured the attention of both easterners and westerners.

    In 2002, he completed his Advance Diploma in Textile Design with a distinction from North City School of Art, Karachi, Pakistan. After showcasing his collection in a college exhibition, he obtained an internship and placement in Moon Light Textile Mill in Karachi, Pakistan and within a year got engaged as a Trace Designer in the renowned Pakistan National Textile Mills, Agha Group of Companies.

    He then moved to Britain to advance in Fashion and Textile Design in 2003 and completed a Diploma in Design from Leeds College of Art and Design in 2005. Three years later he completed his postgraduate degree in Advance Textile & Performance Clothing from University of Leeds in the year 2008, before achieving a subsequent Master’s degree.

    Azim's frustrating two-year search in the fashion industry was an obstacle but it opened more avenues for glory and success, as he finally decided to advance his own designing. This London-based Karachi-born fashion designer finally created and launched his own label by the name of Ghori in year 2010.

    Thereafter, Azim was engaged in preparation for fashion shows, those usual lows and highs, hopes and anguish, trials and tribulations tested his vision, craft and presentations at each and every turn. At Wembley Stadium, he staged his first successful show: Asian Bridal Fashion Week which appealed to Asian women and modern sophisticated taste. A week later he staged another fashion show:Star Night Show. Azim also had the opportunity to showcase his glamorous fusion outfits at Brighton Fashion Week 2011. Keep an eye out for his upcoming shows including London Fashion Week 2011.

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    An astounding collection of Eastern meets Western wear at Brighton Fashion Week 2011

    J Summer Fashion Show will witness the propitious Couture Collection by Azim Khan at SAVOY London

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